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Talasey Group become National Landscaping Partner to the Band of Builders

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Talasey Group is thrilled to announce that the company has become a National Landscaping Partner to the Band of Builders charity until December 2022.

The charity, which was founded in 2016, aims to provide practical support to members of the construction industry and their families who have fallen on hard times. An initial project in 2016 went on to lead to the formation of the registered charity, affectionately known as ‘BoB’, which has carried out countless projects across the country to help members of the construction industry in need.

For each project, volunteers give up their time to work for free to help one of their own, with materials often provided by the construction sector.

Talasey has provided landscaping products and materials to several BoB projects over the last two years, and has now pledged to become an official partner to the charity, supporting it in its mission to unite people and change the lives of those in the construction industry who need it the most.

As a National Landscaping Partner, Talasey will supply various landscaping materials where needed to upcoming BoB projects, as well as offering support online through its websites and social media channels to spread awareness for the charity and the amazing work it does whilst showing how others can get involved and ways to help.

Mark Wall, CEO of Talasey Group said:

“We are delighted to join forces with the Band Of Builders, to support them in their journey to improve the lives of those in our industry who need it most. Now more than ever outdoor landscaping and living has become a crucial space for people, and we are proud to play our part in helping those who need it most by transforming their landscapes.”

Not only is Talasey pledging to offer free materials to the charity for its projects, but it has also pledged to donate 5p from every tub sold of its Pavetuf Jointing compound to Band of Builders.

Gavin Crane, Chair of Trustees at Band of Builders, said about the partnership:

“Talasey has been a longstanding support of Band of Builders, donating landscaping products and materials to several projects, and helping us to really make a difference to our beneficiaries. We’re thrilled to have Talasey on board officially as a National Landscaping Partner and can’t wait to work together to help even more people in their hour of need. This charity only works because of the support from our own volunteers and those in industry, and we’re overjoyed to welcome Talasey to the family of BoB partners.”

Mark Wall & Gavin Crane
Talasey CEO, Mark Wall (Left) with Band Of Builders Chair of Trustees, Gavin Crane

Talasey is honoured to support such a fantastic cause that really supports members of our industry, and we look forward to building further our already strong relationship with the team at the Band of Builders to truly change people’s lives.

About Band of Builders

Initially formed in 2016, Band of Builders is a registered charity (Charity Number 1182283) that helps members of the UK construction industry battling illness or injury through the completion of practical projects. For each project, volunteers come together to help their fellow tradespeople through renovations or repairs that make a real difference to their lives. Cher’s Project, set to take place in October 2021, will be BoB’s 20th project.

Previous projects have included:

  • Revamping the home of chartered surveyor Rob Lamb in Solihull to make it safe and accessible after he was left paralysed in a fall.
  • Installing a specialised bathroom for Pippa Atkinson, an electrician’s daughter suffering from a rare skin condition
  • Landscaping a garden for builder Jamie Thompson, who is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, so he can safely watch his children play, as well as installing a new kitchen.
  • Finishing renovations at the home of Elaine Dunphy, whose husband Steve died of cancer before he could finish the work he had started.
  • Creating a bedroom for plasterer’s daughter Sadie Jenkins, who had spent the first half of her life in hospital and needed machines to breathe, as well as installing a downstairs bathroom for her carers.

For more information on how to become a member or how to apply for help from Band of Builders, visit

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