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Talasey Ltd, Talasey House Belton Road,
Sandtoft, Doncaster, United Kingdom, DN8 5SX

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Find your Regional Sales Managers


Tim Rushton, Sales Director – North
T: 07833 455882 E: trushton@talasey.co.uk


Shane McCormick, Sales Director – South
T: 07775438762 E: smccormick@talasey.co.uk


1. Dale Harris
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07884 312 155
Email: dharris@talasey.co.uk

2. John Rae
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07880 315 027
Email: jrae@talasey.co.uk

3. Damon Brophy
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07585 701 429
Email: dbrophy@talasey.co.uk

4. Becky Bryan
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07826 517 254
Email: bbryan@talasey.co.uk

5. Shaun Utting
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07826 556 881
Email: sutting@talasey.co.uk

6. Dean Martin
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07824 635 670
Email: dmartin@talasey.co.uk

7. Jack Herbert
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07879 073 563
Email: jherbert@talasey.co.uk

8. Ben Westwood
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07918 554 797
Email: bwestwood@talasey.co.uk

9. Paul Sheehan
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 07833 445 553
Email: psheehan@talasey.co.uk


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Talasey Group launches 2020 Directory

The Talasey Group has launched its new Landscape Directory of products for 2020. The Landscape Directory is the largest catalogue of products that we have ever compiled and reflect...

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