The images shown across all Talasey Group websites are only indicative of the shades, and their proportions, that may be represented in any given production batch, particularly with natural stone ranges. The colours shown are as accurate as reprographic processes allow.

Crates and packs should be mixed during installation to create a blend across your entire delivery to avoid colour banding, particularly relevant for Natural Paving, Vitripiazza and Pavetuf jointing products. Mixing packs is recommended even if the entire delivery has been batch matched.

Always try and order enough product to complete the project to minimise batch variation and try not to mix sources of supply without checking compatibility, prior to install.

Bear in mind, with natural products and those containing aggregates, as we or our partners, work through a quarry, shades will alter so batches bought previously, or installations shown in our imagery, may vary from current supply.

For Vitripiazza, Luxigraze and Piranha, it is strongly recommended you check all the product supplied is from the same production batch before commencing installation.