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Talasey Sponsors WorldSkills UK Landscaping Finals


Cultivating the Future of the Industry

In the dynamic realm of landscaping, the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) has been at the forefront of nurturing talent and excellence through initiatives like the WorldSkills UK Landscaping competition. This year, the competition reached new heights, with Talasey proudly sponsoring the contest.

The WorldSkills UK Landscaping Finals:

The 2023 WorldSkills UK Landscaping competition showcased the prowess of over 40 young landscapers, comprising both apprentices and full-time students. The rigorous selection process whittled down the contestants to a formidable top 8, who then faced the challenge of constructing a 12m² project piece within a tight timeframe of 16.5 hours. This demanding task involved a range of elements such as paving, decking, fencing, brickwork, lighting, and planting, with precision and quality at the forefront.

The Finalists:

The roster of finalists included promising talents from various regions:

Rhys Barclay, Bridgend College Wales

Jacob Mercer, CAFRE Northern Ireland

Anna Mcloughlin, CAFRE Northern Ireland

Aimee Copeland, CAFRE Northern Ireland

Mitch Gorse, Myerscough College

Ceri Furber, APL Apprentice at Myerscough College, employer Gardenscapes

(Six gardens completed within the competition timeframe)

Our support during the WorldSkills 2023:

Talasey played an important role in the support of the competition by serving as a sponsor, providing the necessary hard landscaping materials that adorned the projects created by the skilled finalists. From stunning paving to composite fencing and decking, Talasey Group's products added both aesthetic appeal and durability to the intricate garden designs crafted by the competitors.

At Talasey, we’re committed to supporting such crucial events in the landscaping sector and feel privileged to back the contribution APL make in investing in the future skills of the industry. This commitment to fostering talent underscores Talasey Group's dedication to advancing the landscape industry and ensuring a pool of skilled professionals ready to shape its future.

Interview with APL Regional Manager

We interviewed with Simon Abbott - Regional Manager of the APL - who shared his thoughts on the importance of events like these to encourage the next generation of landscapers into our industry.

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