To develop the necessary skills to install artificial grass safely and correctly to specifications, tolerances and guidelines, as advised by the industry and manufacturers.

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Course Content

  1. Introduction - Delegates should understand the background of the product
  2. Benefits of artificial grass - Delegates should understand the features and benefits of artificial grass compared with natural grass
  3. Manufacturing process - Delegates understand the manufacturing process in full, and are able to determine what makes a quality product
  4. Common faults – Delegates understand the common faults associated with this product and FAQs
  5. Site preparation – Delegates understand how to assess, measure and order for a specific site and also prepare the site to industry standards
  6. Sub-Base installation - Delegates can install the sub-base and edging (if necessary) safely and correctly, to industry standards, and also understand equipment needed for sub-base installation
  7. Install and fix - Delegates understand materials required for installation and can install artificial grass to manufacturers standards, which includes cutting, joining and fixing, finishing touches and addressing common problems
  8. Maintenance – Delegates understand the maintenance involved with artificial grass

Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to install grass sub-bases safely and correctly to industry standards
  2. Be able to install artificial grass safely and correctly to manufacturers standards