To enable delegates to develop the necessary skills to operate a laser level safely accurately and correctly to set out landscape features.

To enable delegates to gain basic knowledge and understanding of setting out operations, using laser levels, straight edge and spirit level, boning rods.

Course Content

  1. Tie a string correctly (Delegate can set string line correctly and safely to instructions given)
  2. Set a curve (Delegate can make a trammel to specifications given and set out a curve)
  3. Set out square 2x2 metres using 3.4.5 method (Delegate can demonstrate this with corners to 90 degrees)
  4. Set out a rectangle 1.2x5 metres (Delegate can demonstrate this with corners to 90 degrees)
  5. Set a circle radius 1 metre using a string line trammel (Delegate can demonstrate this to specifications given)
  6. Set levels using wooden pegs/metal (Delegate can set a gradient 1.40 pegs 1 metre apart in a straight line)
  7. Excavate to reduce levels (Delegate can excavate to correct depths as per industry standards)
  8. Correctly operate laser levels (Delegate can safely and correctly set levels using laser, levels should be correct as per specifications given)
  9. Correctly and safely use straight edge and spirit level (Delegate can set level using straight edge and spirit level to specifications given)
  10. Lead in sub-base materials to correct specifications and tolerances given (Delegate can install sub-base with longitudinal gradient 1.80 and cross fall 1.40)
  11. Compact sub-base and laying course bed (Delegate can install operate plate compactor to specifications given)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to excavate safely and correctly to industry standards and manufacturers guidelines.
  2. Be able to lead in and compact sub-bases according to industry/manufacturers specifications/tolerances and guidelines.
  3. Be able to set levels and falls to industry manufacturers specifications, tolerances.

This is a one day course taking place at our Training Facility in North Lincolnshire.